Through feminist research and advocacy, we're crafting a more just world.

Our work

Ladysmith is a feminist venture for gender equality.

Guided by the principle “no research about us, without us,” we help international development and humanitarian organizations produce, analyze and take action on gender data. 

Policymakers, program designers, and social movements use data to craft the futures they want to see. A smith is a craftsperson. Throughout history, crafting has typically been associated with men’s work (think blacksmith, tinsmith, locksmith, silversmith). At Ladysmith we believe that women and their life experiences are critical to crafting a more just and caring world.

Our approach is technical as much as it is structural. We collect qualitative and quantitative data to identify and change the beliefs, practices and policies that contribute to gender injustice and inequality. We challenge explicit forms of harm, and also more mundane, everyday experiences of discrimination and exclusion— all of which undercut women’s genuine security and impede them from fully exercising their rights and citizenship.

We weave together mixed-methods research methodologies, analytical rigour, familiarity with women’s movements, open source data collection technology, and public communications expertise to produce gender data with an impact. We’d be happy to work with you in English, Spanish, Hindi, French, or Portuguese. 

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